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Planning and Pre-Production

Recording a great show is just the beginning. Most podcasts fade after 12 episodes.

With our tried and tested podcast launch formula, we’ll walk you through all the necessary steps to ensure a successful launch and ensure future momentum.

We’ll help you plan your show content, remove any possible overwhelm and get you doing what you do best.


Here’s how it works…


Pick your format

If you’re planning on doing interviews, monologues, on-location live shows or a mix… we have recommendations, templates and systems to save you time


Brand your podcast with the right sound

Sound matters. You’ll get top recording tips from what gear to buy and how to use it.

We’ll help you to create the right sound for your show. From intro music, to background soundscapes. We can even help you commission music to your brief.

Release your show with a batch of ‘bingable’ episode content.
Our our secret formula gives you maximum attention from Google, iTunes and other search engines from day one.


Keep doing your best work while we do ours (Techie stuff)

If audio files were podcasts we wouldn’t exist!

Once you send us your audio files, we’ll polish them up by…

✔️ Editing them and removing and coughing, sneezing, ah’s um’s, uncomfortable silences, lost trains of thought etc…
✔️Making all the sound levels consistent
✔️Adding your voice-overs, themes and music beds
✔️Publishing your show to every podcast platform known to man (iTunes, Stitcher, iHeart Radio, Soundcloud…)
✔️Creating an ‘Alexa skill’ so your show can be heard on voice command

Making you look and sound good doesn’t stop there. We’ll then…


✔️Create SEO rich show-notes ready to post on your website that get your show indexed (so it’s easily found) by all search engines.
✔️Assemble your social media bundle including, text pull-out quotes, audio posts and easily sharable downloadable links for your show

If you’d like, we will also…

✔️Create and automate your social media content


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