Social Media For Your Podcast and Business. Done.

You already have a great podcast.

Now let’s get you seen, so you can get found and heard.



Without strategy, social media can be a massive time suck but the data shows beyond doubt you need to be at the party.


*LinkedIn has over 260 million users logging in monthly and 40% of whom visit daily. A great place to catch people who have their mind on business focused networking.


*Twitter is one of the biggest social networks worldwide with 336 million monthly active users worldwide. A strong Twitter presence is a must for your podcast.


*Facebook: With over 2.32 billion monthly active users at the end of 2018, it’s the place to find new listeners, who will become your fans, followers, community members and customers.


*Instagram, owned by Facebook, reaches a younger demographic of over 1 billion active users who understand how to harness the power of hashtags fully leveraging collaborative marketing.

*These numbers change all the time!

We won’t stop at the big four… you can have content on any social media account you need!


Get seen on all your social media channels

We’ll help you make the right noise~

✔ High quality curated HD video posts (like the one above) will get you noticed
✔ Eye popping branded images and graphics
✔ Blogs for your website
✔ Strategy sessions with your own strategist to focus your campaigns
✔ Data. Easy to understand stats metrics and monthly reports

Real humans helping at every step

Our social media marketing packages are designed to help your podcast and your business grow together.

You’ll get the same level of communication and feedback you’ve come to expect from PNS.

Each month, we’ll give you an easy to understand report explaining how your posts are performing.

Working in three month cycles you’ll be able to measure how your podcast stats change alongside your social media marketing campaigns.

We’ll identify the channels working best for you and refine and create content that speaks to your audience.

Straightforward pricing

Get a regular bundle of tailored digital marketing services for one flat monthly fee. 

With three options available there is a social media package to suit your podcast and business.
We'll immediately set to work building your online profile.
Very soon you'll start to see new prospects hungry for what you’ve got, coming to you.

With regular contact from a real human, you'll always know what you're getting from your investment.



Do I have to be a Podcaster?

Yes. Right now - We are only offering our social media service to podcasters. While most social media posts are just noise, we know podcasters create valuable content. We’ll use your podcasts to help us create quality social media assets.

Do I have to create the content?

No. You create value with your podcast and our social media marketing experts will use your podcast, and any other assets you have, to create content. You have complete creative control and will always be able to have us create specific content in line with your objectives eg. a seasonal promotion or campaign.

Do I need to do any tech stuff?

No. We’ll walk you through a simple set up over a video call and then take care of everything.

Can I tailor my plan?

Yes. Each package can be tailored to your needs. For example, if you already have a blog, we’ll create another video for you.
If you’d like us to focus on more video, we can swap out a branded image. We’ll work with you to create what you need and we’ll use the results in the data reports to inform your next steps.


Choose your plan and get started today


$660 monthly

Take your first step

✔ 12 Social Media Posts (Across All Platforms)

✔ 1 Blog Feature

✔ 1 Branded Image

✔ 2 Branded Videos

✔ 2 Update Calls

Start With Boost

$980 monthly

Make waves with more content

✔ 20 Social Media Posts (Across All Platforms)

✔ 2 Blog Features

✔ 2 Branded Images

✔ 3 Branded Videos

✔ 2 Update Calls

Get Momentum

Rocket Fuel
$1499 monthly

Get the most from social media

✔ 30 Social Media Posts (All Platforms)

✔ 2 Blog Features

✔ 4 Branded Images

✔ 4 Branded Videos

✔ Customer Service Chatbot

✔ Unlimited Updates

Add Rocket Fuel


So you can effectively track progress, all packages are subject to a minimum 3 month subscription cycle. You can upgrade or downgrade your package within your contract period.