360 Podcast Network

Launching on September 30th 2019

Join a network of fellow professional podcasters who entertain and inform with a diverse range of subjects.

You’re seeing this because you’re already a valued client and invited to join our first podcast network and we want to start strong.


What is the new network?

For over five years we’ve been helping podcasters create networks, but we’ve never had our own.

So why now?

Advertisers and brands now truly recognize the power of podcasting and are investing heavily in the industry. It’s the perfect mix of your creativity and ad revenue. It’s not the only reason to be in a network, but it’s helped tip the balance.

What exactly is a Podcast Network?

Harnassing our strength in numbers, 360 Podcast Network is a collaborative platform for podcasters.

It will give you access to others listener bases by promoting your shows.


Greater exposure and faster growth.

Tell me more about the specific benefits?

1. You’ll get paid. We have dynamic ad insertion included. Translate… If you’d like to make some money, we’ll work with you to choose companies products and services that will appeal to your audience. We’ll insert the ads into your show and you’ll get paid!

2. You can speak with other hosts in the network and swap guests where appropriate.

A network will increase your reach and your credibility. Who knows, in the future there maybe live events and other joint venture opportunities.

Who is the network for?

At pre-launch and launch, we are only speaking to podcasters who already work with us. It’s important we start strong.

In the future serious podcasters, with professional shows, who are looking to increase visibility and sales etc… may be able to apply.

Why is there no specific theme?

You all produce diverse, high quality shows, hence ‘360’. There is great power in browsing. You discover something you weren’t looking for but, once discovered, can’t live without. By offering 360 degrees of content covering a wide ranging topic base, we have something for everyone - and that gives you greater audience potential.

Why are we doing this?

You can’t harness the power of a network, without being in a network.

Starting a network is not the same as starting a podcast show and as much as we know many of you want to start one, we also know the time and money investment involved.

So, we’re stepping up to offer you the best of both worlds.

As an existing client you can join for FREE.

But only for a limited time! We only have 25 spaces for now.

What are the rules of fight club?

You’re publishing (at least) weekly shows and are committed to continue for at least another 12 months

Where appropriate, you are willing to…

• Communicate and collaborate with other members of the network

• Mention the network on every show using our outro script (customized with you for your show).

• Give shout outs (where appropriate) about other podcasts in the network.

• Take time to listen to other shows in the network. It’s a community thing!

Any other important features and info?

We’re IAB stat compliant - IAB stands for the Interactive Advertising Bureau, and its purpose is to empower the media and marketing industries to thrive in the digital economy. ... IAB compliance simply means we've adjusted how we report our members' statistics to comply with the IAB's new standardization.

You’ll also get a customized smartphone app for your show - iOS & Android (HOW COOL IS THAT?)!

Custom Statistics Reports can be scheduled to automatically be sent via email to you every month and if you have an existing sponsor or advertiser we can send them the report as well.

You can convert your audio to video and upload the video file as a native video to both your social media fan page, personal page, and YouTube.

More info to come…

To officially submit your show to the 360 Podcast Network, just complete the form below… you need do nothing more!

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