Your mission is our mission

Just like Blubrry, we’ve built our business around the needs of our customers, with our eyes and ears placed firmly on the ever-changing landscape. 

After almost 13 years in TV and radio audio production, the last 4 years has seen our workload balance shift heavily over to podcast production.

Your quote below encapsulates perfectly, how we both approach and think about podcasting. 
Meeting Mackenzie at ‘Podcast Movement’ further established our desire to partner with you, especially when we discovered you were also in Michigan!

“We’ve been subtly shifting focus to ensure that while we are still providing the most useful and powerful tools available, we’re easing the process and making podcasting as painless as possible, no matter the podcaster’s experience and knowledge beforehand,”
— Todd Cochrane, CEO Blubrry, August 13th, 2019

Challenges we face and why now is the right time for us to partner

1. Reduce podfade, retain subscriptions

Together we can cut ‘podfade’ for podcasters, and reduce subscriber churn rate for Blubrry to increase your retention.

No one can predict exactly when podcasters move into podfade, but we do know the big reasons include:

• Under estimation of time required
• Lack of technical expertise
• Unaware of multiple marketing strategies available to them
• Overall frustration with the process
• Not knowing how to measure ‘success’

Where podcasters are willing to invest and save time - together, we can stop podfade and offer pro-production and guidance that will grow both our businesses and clients shows.

2. Attract more professional podcasters

Savvy ‘would-be podcasters’ are inundated with options. Production services, hosting, additional re-purposing services…

Our partnership will give clarity to the ‘would-be podcasters’ and give them a very easy decision to start (and continue) as Blubrry clients.

3. Maintain and increase your market share in the face of A.I infused start-ups

Over the last few years Podcraft (now AuxBus) have turned to us as a post-production company, to fill in the gaps while they create A.I led alternatives, with the goal of providing an end-to-end solution. Meanwhile, despite Anchor’s ‘misdeeds’ they are still taking a considerable share of the marketplace.

A.I is getting close.

But the truth is, no amount of ‘A.I’ will ever be able to replace the professional results that come with decades of broadcast expertise combined with real storytelling sensibilities.

There are dozens more newbies on our horizon. The battle for claiming professional end-to-end podcast production is on and together we can win it.


The value our partnership adds to Blubrry

We help our podcasters design and launch every aspect of their show and we have this system dialled in!

Starting with:

• Show planning
• Clear launch strategy
• Intro/Outro and all branding assets (including artwork)

Followed by:

• Professional ‘real human’ editing
• Sound design
• Professionally produced commercials for dynamic ad insertion
• Uploading
• Ongoing marketing and web strategy

Professional assets created in-house 

We’ve been producing commercials and voice-overs for 13 years with our pool of incredible voice talent ready to step in.

Recently we’ve also partnered with a bespoke audio branding/music expert so our clients can develop their unique audio signature. Our lead composer has produced custom music and audio for brands including:

Saatchi & Saatchi, Land Rover, LG, Toyota, Pizza Hut, Panasonic, Fitness First, BBC, Western Union, McDonald’s…

We snagged our lead designer, when we realized he could take an intro script an turn it into a song like this…


We’ll scale to fit 

Offering a new service to your substantial qualified client list will no doubt create interest.

In order to launch this pro-tier service, we have the capacity to take on 500 new shows immediately. Through our recruiting and unique training process, we can take on more in a short space of time.

We offer a Stealth Package. We’re in stealth for some of the most listened to shows in the industry and we can operate in stealth for Blubrry as well and no one will know that we’re not your in-house post-production team. The Stealth option is a proven brand booster and will set Blubrry as the leader, yet again, in industry innovation and client satisfaction.

We also work in partnership and joint venture. We’re here to serve you.


In summary

We believe now is the right time to create an exclusive, mutually beneficial partnership with Blubrry because of our combined skills and resources… plus:

• You’ve been the lead in innovation with IAB and Powerpress
• Your customer first ethic is completely aligned with ours
• You have a deep appreciation and belief for the balance between people and tech

Together we can offer full circle podcast production and hosting that will -

  • Continue to raise the bar for the industry

  • Add a relatively passive revenue stream for Blubrry


Additional information as requested post meeting on September 11th 2019 -

We’re confident that we can accommodate all of your production needs (as we do with our existing client base).

To get the ball rolling… Below you’ll find an example of what’s included in our most popular production packages for professionals and businesses, with a link to a bespoke price list for Blubrry.

Monthly production package benefits:

✔ Seamless support and communication with your production team via your dedicated Slack channel

✔ 24/7/365 overview of your production process with your online ‘Production Calendar’

✔ Dropbox storage for all published podcasts and production assets

✔ Human minute-to-minute audio and content editing

✔ Complete show build including: mix/master/level/sound design*

✔ Episodes loaded to all known podcast platforms

Full access to archive catalog of past episodes

✔ SEO driven show notes for your website and copy needs (social media etc)

✔ 12 professionally produced commercials per year, to offer sponsors and advertisers (or for own use)

* While sound design needs for most podcasters are covered, long form story is a separate package and requires consultation prior to pricing.


We can also help with…

✔ Podcast and business marketing coaching

✔ Website consultation and design

✔ Additional commercial production

✔ Bespoke sound and music composition

✔ Social media packages