Thanks so much for your interest in working with us.

Professional Podcasts are an investment and add value to you, your business and your brand.

Before you take your time filling in the application, you’ll need to be comfortable with a minimum investment of around $8500 per year, payable monthly.

Some of our clients invest less, although many of our clients invest more.

We are not for you if:
❌ You don’t value great sound
❌ You don’t have an offer or a purpose
❌ You are bad with keeping to schedule
❌ You don’t know or have passion for your subject

We are for you if:
✔ You know great sound and tone will transform your message
✔ You are an expert or a host with great value content
✔ You care about your work
✔ You want to be part of a community of podcasters in business

If you’re comfortable with all of the above, please use the form below, to let us know more about you and the goals you have for your podcast and business.

We’ll then send you a link to book a call with us within 48 business hours, where we’ll both be able to find out if we’re a good fit.

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